Advanced Excel course in Mumbai

Microsoft Excel is one such tool that we use in our daily life and is used by everyone be it a student, or a professional. Today Microsoft Excel is being used across industries. You must be wandering what’s advance in advanced excel course? The Advanced Excel training in Mumbai comes with the same Microsoft excel application which we can use to perform advanced operations like performing complex calculations, analysing voluminous data, auditing workbooks. Not only the advanced features that can be explored but the advanced techniques of recording Macros and writing your own functions and formulas makes the Microsoft Excel application more powerful.

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What you will learn?

We enable individuals/ professionals to make decisions for business by using analytic solutions.

An individual will learn the analytical skills and power of Pivots and charts working in different scenarios.

Our Advanced Excel training in Mumbai with their expert trainers follow case studies to give the analytical sense to the business demand.

Course Syllabus

    • Spreadsheet basics
    • Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets Working with functions & formulas
    • Modifying worksheets with color & auto formats
    • Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs Speeding data entry : Using Data Forms
    • Analyzing data : Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data Formatting worksheets
    • Enter the Pivot Table Data
    • Create the Pivot Table
    • Adding Data to the Pivot Table
    • Filtering the Pivot Table Data
    • Change the Pivot Table Data
    • Analyze Data Columns in Pivot Tables
    • Adjust Data to Analyze
    • Macros
    • Definition and use, Record a macro
    • Assign a macro, Run a macro
    • Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Prog.
    • Use multiple windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
    • Link worksheets , Consolidate worksheets
    • Import and link from other Applications
    • Securing & Protecting spreadsheets
    • Use the Function Wizard, Common functions
    • Nested functions , Name cells /ranges /constants
    • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
    • The LOOKUP function , Date and time functions , Annotating formulas
    • Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
    • Password Protecting Worksheets Linking Multiple Sheets
    • Sheet Referencing
    • Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt
    • What-if-analysis - GOAL SEEK, Scenario Manager
    • NESTED IF Reporting
    • Character Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Age Calculations
    • Consolidation of Data
    • Data Validation
    • Create charts, Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features

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